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It's Everywhere

The death of George Floyd brought racism to the forefront of conversation in an unprecedented way. This is a piece inspired by that moment. 

Racism; It is everywhere, and only when we admit that it's a learnt construct, and that it exists in everything, can we even begin to dismantle it: the overt and the subtly insidious.

A piece written by Racheal and performed by a team of incredible black artists. 

Dream Things to Life

Racheal loves the power of Poetry and Spoken Word. Using it to share messages of positivity and engage people in forward thinking. Her latest piece is a work of sensual dance, and poetic lyricism about bringing dreams to life!

You're Beautiful 

Enjoy 'You're Beautiful'; a piece about self love and taking time to discover the secrets of ones inner strength.

Spoken Word of a Feminist

A piece written in respose to the HeForShe campaign.


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Different but Equal

Listen to Racheal's TEDx talk as part of the Courthauld Institute Conference under the title ‘Utopia: Breaking The Rules’, where she fuses poetry and story telling.

The focus is understanding our equality and simultaneously our differences and therefore creating a world where the two aren't mutually exclusive. 

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